About Me

I’m an engineer by body and designer by soul.

I’m co-founder and Principal Designer at Nordkapp, probably the best interactive design agency in Finland.

I’ve been using computers to create stuff since I was 13, so over 20 years now. I’ve done a lot of various things, regarding both design and technical implementation of stuff. I’ve made internet sites since 1997, worked in an e-commerce startup during the dotcom-boom, was a developer in a legendary digimedia company To The Point. I’ve designed and implemented a mobile power plant maintenance system for national energy company, created joystick controlled DJ software and global touchscreen point-of-sales systems. Not to mention countless other sites, services, websites, campaigns, applications, user interfaces and systems. I’ve been involved in BBS’s, Demoscene, PC software, mobile services & apps and most recently tablet interfaces.

I’ve done graphics, 3D, code, music & design — I like both design & technology. Therefore I graduated as a BA of Media Engineering at EVTEK, and MA in New Media at TAIK Medialab at University of Art & Design Helsinki, both with high grades. I also studied abroad in the Shanghai University (of Technology) and in Swinburne / Faculty of Design in Melbourne, Australia.

Some Highlights

  • Patent pending innovation(s).
  • Winner of digital / social marketing award Grand One (2005).
  • UIAH/TAIK Final thesis work featured in the TAIK Master of Arts art exhibition. (2005)
  • Winner of Emma 2007 (Finnish Grammy) for work in advancing digital music.
  • Evangelist and researcher on Urbanflow Helsinki, a concept
 featured on Wired, Archidaily and shortlisted at IxDA Awards 2012. http://urbanflow.helsinki.fi

Contact & Social media

Write me at teppo dot kotirinta ät gmail dot com. Or friend me in any of the sites you see in the “Get Connected” content block on this site.

About this blog

This blog will evolve over time. Initially on 2011/12 when this is/was started, this blog was about presenting things that interest me. These include interaction design, life/zen/minimalism, photography, electronic music, DJing and space/scifi. I also double post some things related to Nordkapp and/or from the Nordkapp blog (that great design agency I’m a co-founder of, remember). But let’s see how this will evolve. I’m in no rush. I could make this site sharply focused on design for example, but I think I’d find that boring. I’m interested in many things and this blog will most likely turn out to reflect that.

At first there will be a limited amount of content here. There’s would be lot of good stuff, collected over several years, in my old Tumblr site. I might import that stuff here one day, or I might not.

— Teppo

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