Obvious Engine — AR I Can Believe In

I’ve always had a bit of a distaste with marker based Augmented Reality. We can’t put markers in everything in the world now can we!

Luckily there seems to be a solution to this. Just witness the Obvious Engine, which can detect any shape and augment it’s surroundings. Now there’s a chance for AR to get popular adoption.

The results are, admittedly, pretty impressive. This quick demo shows a Dr. Pepper can being bulged and warped in real-time, without also distorting the area around the can. So the software is obviously very adept at isolating the object from the rest of the scene. It also shows the can being augmented with glowing rings, and creepy little creatures dancing around it, possibly worshipping its syrupy goodness. — — Gizmodo

What’s the best thing, the engine is being made available to iOS developers!

We covered English Hedgerow, an interesting augmented reality app for the iPhone, earlier this month, and we’ve just found out that the engine behind it is being made available to iOS developers. — — The Verge

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