PageLayers – Your Dream Tool For Website Redesign

Page Layers creates PSD files of websites. It’s an awesome tool, if you ever:

  • plan to do an unsolicited redesign for some entity
  • are at work, and are asked to do an actual redesign project for a client
  • have a bunch of HTML you’re not really sure what do do about, and don’t want to test everything in code

In all of these cases, you can just point the Page Layers “browser” to the URL in question, and save that screen as a real Photoshop PSD file! You’re effectively taking a PSD Screenshot of a website.

Layers are neatly named and nested according to the original HTML/CSS structure of the website. For example, all graphics related to the website footer would typically be included inside a Photoshop layer group named “footer”, if that was the footer DIV’s name. This really works!

— Get it from the Mac App Store for $29.99.