Copyright and remix culture: The new Prohibition?

The video above is The Kleptones – Welcome Back (Instamatic video mashup), my favorite example of excellent piece of mashup/remix culture. Push play and continue reading:

If there’s one concept that has suffered more damage than just about anything else as a result of the web and the ongoing explosion of digital media, it’s copyright: the idea that a content creator should have virtually unlimited control over his or her creation, regardless of what form it takes. As blogger Andy Baio notes in a recent post, the principle behind copyright has been taking a beating from “remix culture,” driven in large part by YouTube and other video sites. Is the rise of the YouTube generation changing the way we think about copyright — and if so, should we let that happen? Do we even have a choice?

Discussion on copyright rages on. Should a single industry be allowed to push down rights to privacy, for example, just to protect their business model? Should the above video & its music be banned from existing, even though it’s clearly a masterful piece of new art being created from bits of existing art?

— Article and image from GigaOM