Hello Little Printer

Little Printer by BERG is a cute connected object that makes internet tangible. I think I want one.

I’ve seen this basic concept back in the PixelAche 2009 event, though. An art installation printed out tweets with the word #love in it. It was kinda fun. I took a picture of the twitter installation.

BERG’s Little Printer takes this concept to a much more useful level, of course. Potentially infinite expandability can make this a nice product for very different uses. Good job!

Update: Instead of “fun” Foursquare logins, this could print my kids’ daycare & school schedule:
* Daycare Kid A is going swimming this Monday — pack swimming trunks & towel. She’s also going for nature walk on Wednesday — pack rubber boots.
* School Kid B has exam in English language this Thursday and Mathematics on Friday — These are end of the year exams so make sure they read and do their homework!

(The daycare idea is based on a project we did for daycare centers in Helsinki, and features actual use cases found in our research.)

Update 2:
Discussed this with Bruno. He moved concepts out of the printing world into a wilder personal assistant direction in his post.