Shadow Cities taking over the world

“I have played the future of mobile gaming. It is called Shadow Cities.” — SETH SCHIESEL / THE NEW YORK TIMES

It’s great to see Ville — our friend and old employee at Nordkapp — and the other guys at Grea Area, doing super good with their iPhone application Shadow Cities. The game review is now featured on the first page of The New York Times.

It’s a great game and all iPhone owners should check it out. The game was launched in Finland more than half a year ago already and after playing it the first time I’ve always felt like the NYT writer: this is the first real & good geo location based game.

I’m particularly proud, as we at Nordkapp redesigned the game’s UI and many of the new features just before the latest funding round and international launch. More on that once we get a portfolio case done about this. 🙂