Off Book | Generative Art – Computers, Data, and Humanity


An intriguing combination of programmers, artists, and philosophers, these creators embrace a process that delegates essential decisions to computers, data sets, or even random variables. This allows important metaphors to arise in their work, calling attention to the relationship between humans and the computers that surround us, the mountains of information we generate, and the powerful impact that technology has on our relationships with each other.

Favorite quote:

“Any culture will use maximum level of technology available to it to make art.” — Luke Dubois (5:47)

The video features generative art, music and game worlds from Luke Dubois, Scott Draves and Will Wright. I found Scott Draves’s Electric Sheep multicomputer + multiuser screen saver an interesting new idea. In Electric Sheep visual elements live or die based on votes of all viewers. After voting, successful visual elements will mate with each other and given birth to the new visuals. Visual evolution, woa! 🙂